2-Man State Qualifier 9.14.19 Saturday, September 14, 2019



2-Man State Qualifier 9.14.19 for Saturday, September 14, 2019

Saturday, September 15th
 Cost: $60 per team entry fee. $30 per player
 Format: 18 holes, 2-Man ScrambleThere is a 10 point maximum index spread in this event at all stages.
 Winning gross and net teams advance to the next competition
 Tees: Modified Blue. (4,9,14 and 17 from Gold Tees)
 Handicap: 35% of A Player, 15% of B Player
 Carts: Optional
Payouts: Approximately 30% of the field after entry fees for two winning teams is paid
All players compete in one flight for this event.
Tee Times: Schedule your own tee time prior to 11 AM Sign up on ForeTees or in the Golf Shop by September 12th

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