2019 20 WGA Buddy Match Play Sunday, December 1, 2019


2019 20 WGA Buddy Match Play for Sunday, December 1, 2019

WGA Buddy Match Sign Up

This is a partner event where partners play better ball match play against other teams. There is a consolation bracket for teams that lose in the opening round.All  matches are played from the copper tees. There are deadlines for each match as outlined below. Winners of matches for teams that are unable to meet the deadlines will be decided by coin flip if at least one team cannot be at the tee box at a designated time by the last day of the deadline. Entry Fee is $25 per player. Maximum signup is 16 teams. Deadline for signup  is November 30th. Brackets will posted on December 1st. Maximum 10 stroke spread between partners.

Match Required Completion Dates
Match 1 - December 31
Match 2 - Jan 31
Match 3 - February 29
Match 4 - March 31
Final - April 30
Carts optional
Sign up on ForeTees or in the Golf Shop by Friday, November 30th

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