2019 WGA Member Member 2019-12-14


2019 WGA Member Member for 2019-12-14

Dec 14th & 15th   WGA Member-Member
Time:                          8:00am Shotgun both days
Cost:                           $40 per player
Format:                       All players play their own ball until ball is holed. 1 Net best ball                                       counts. 
                                   If a player is out of the hole they can pick up and write most                                         likely score.
                                   The other team member must hole their ball for the score to                                           count.
Teams:                        2-Person teams
Handicaps:                   Each team will receive 95% of their combined course handicap.
                                   Highest availble handicap to use for this event is 36
Hcp Differential:           Teams separated by more than 10 strokes will have high hcp                                         player
                                   play at a reduced handicap that serves a 10 stroke differential
Tees:                           Copper or Silver Tees
                                   Both players on a team must play from the same tees and must                                     play both days (Partners must play same tees, and same tees                                       each day)
Flights:                        Golf Shop to make Flights
                                   Day 1 pairings mix teams within their flights
                                   Day 2 pairings by lowest to highest NET scores within flight
Deadline:                     Thursday, December 12th    
Carts:                          Mandatory at $ 15 Tournament Rate
Payout:                        Golf Shop Credit (Approximately 1/3 of field to be paid)
Committee:                  Reserves the right to adjust handicaps
Posting:                       Golf Shop will post scores as Tournament Scores

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