2020 WGA Opening Day Shamble Saturday, November 14, 2020


2020 WGA Opening Day Shamble for Saturday, November 14, 2020

Time:  8AM Tee Time  

Player - includes cart, lunch, and prize money 

Format:  Shamble - 2 net BB of the 4

Teams:  Team game – 4 person

Handicaps:  35% of A + 15% of B + 15% of C + 10% of D player = Team Handicap
Tees: Copper
Flights:  Golf Shop to make Flights
Deadline:  Wednesday, November 11th  
Carts:  Mandatory at Tournament Rate
Payout:  Golf Shop Credit (1/3 of field to be paid)
Committee:  Reserves the right to adjust handicaps
Posting:  No scores to post    


Players finding themselves on the waitlist will be officially "in" the event when we reach the next increment of 4 players.  The Golf Shop will move our player cut-off list when the next increment of 4 is reached.

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