2021 Summer 2-Person Scramble Saturday, September 18, 2021


2021 Summer 2-Person Scramble for Saturday, September 18, 2021

2021 2-Person Scramble Tournament

Saturday, September 18th 



Entry:                             $50 per team ($25 per person)

$10 Per Team – If Qualifying for 2021 AZ Team Championship**


Teams:                            Two-person teams

Sign up:                         Limited to the first 120 players


Format:                           18 Holes 2-Man Scramble


Payouts                         Gross and Net Payouts


Tees:                               Mens   Blue/Gold Combo Tees (Qualifying Tees)

                                                Gold/Black Combo 


                                    Ladies Copper/Silver Combo


                                    All team members must play from the same tees and be of the same gender for this event


Flights                           Flights will be based on Team combined handicap and gender. Number of flights based on total sign ups.


AZ State

Qualifier:                       If you wish to Qualify for the Mens 2021 Team Championship at Seville Golf and Country Club on December 6th, you and your partner must play together throughout Qualifying. An additional $10 per team will be charged for qualifying event.                          


Winning Men’s Gross and Net teams will advance to next level of competition. Entry Fee Paid for by MGA



Handicaps:                    35% of “A” Player Plus 15% of “B” Player’s handicaps. 

                                    Team handicaps will be rounded to the nearest tenth to avoid ties


Scorecards will be created by Golf Shop.

Drives:                            Each players drive must be used at least 6 times.


Scorecards:                     Please clearly mark gross scores on every hole. 

Please exchange scorecards with your playing partners.


Ties:                                  Ties between teams will be broken using the recommended USGA method, beginning with the lowest back 9 total.  If teams are still tied, the team(s) with the lowest last 6-hole total shall advance, then the last 3-hole total if necessary.

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