Operation Sips and Tips Jan Fe Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Operation Sips and Tips Jan Fe for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Operation 36 is a program that is based on an 8 week schedule that allows individuals to work from 25 yards towards their first set of tees. This program will be built around changing the way that we look at the term PAR. As the program will prepare you play 9 hole in s very short amount of time.

When we learn to play the game of golf we have always assumed that we had to start from the tee box. For many of us this is a long way and we all needed to start from somewhere. With this program I will help you develop the skills and confidence to shoot a score of “par” or 36 strokes from 25 yards.

With confidence, the development of skills, and your golf swing we will aim to work our way back to the first set of tees while always maintaining a target score of 36.

Our clinics will be held on every Wednesday from Jan 6th to Feb 24th. This is in total of 8 classes that will be held from 4 to 5PM each week with class working on different sets of skill to help us play 9 holes of golf.

Each day will similar to the following:

Each student will recieve a free house cocktail, wine, domestic beer, or soda with each clinic! Either before or after class starts. 

Arrive: 3:55

Introduction to day’s activities: 4-4:05

First activity: 4:05 – 4:30

Second Activity: 4:30 – 4:55

Conclusion: 5:00PM

Once you have signed up for the clinic you will receive an email with a link to get you access to the Tatum Ranch Operation 36 website and Application. We will use these to keep track of our practice, our goals, and our playing abilities throughout the program.


Cost: $200 for all 8 classes

Cost $100 for 4 classes (any of the ones you can make)

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